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flashlight  noun      פָּנַס כִּיס; מַבְזֵק, פְלֶשׁ; נִצְנוּץ, הֶבְזֵק

doitinHebrew.com Phonetic Translation

flashlight  noun      panas kiys; mav'zek, f'lesh; nitz'nutz, hev'zek

Milon.co.il Dictionary  view


(ש"ע) פנס, פנס-כיס; נצנוץ, הבזק אור; מקור אור מלאכותי, פלש

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This article is about the rock album. For the light device, see Flashlight.
Flashlights is the third record by the Atlanta-based independent rock band Y-O-U. The album was first made available via free download on the band's MySpace profile on New Year's Day2007, and on compact disc on January 23rd of the same year.

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